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Storm Damage Repair Services

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How we can help?

Why use CHR for your storm damage insurance claims?

  1. We're a General Contractor
    • A General Contractor must pass a stringent test to show competence, residential roofing companies have none. Not only does the General Contractor have to show he has knowledge of roofing, but all aspects of home construction that may affect your project. He also has to demonstrate sound business practice knowledge.
    • General Contractors must show proof that they are solvent and have the assets to remain in business every year.
    • If a problem should arise with a General Contractor, the homeowner can file a complaint with the Licensing Board. If the General Contractor is found to be negligent, his license may be suspended or revoked.
    • If the dispute cannot be resolved, the homeowner can apply for money from the Homeowner Recovery Fund to help compensate for any damages. Visit for more information.
  2. Great service
    • You get the same great service that you have come to expect with CHR for other remodeling projects. You will be treated in a professional manner and you are dealing with a local company with a great reputation!
  3. We're local
    • A lot of companies doing storm damage repair are from out of state. They try very hard to cover this fact. After the wave of repairs is done, they won’t be around anymore to cover any warranty issues.
  4. We are always insured
    • Some companies have dropped their insurance coverage as times have gotten hard in this tough economy. We have always kept both our Worker’s Compensation and General Liability policies up to date. It is important to have proper insurance coverage when working on someone’s property, especially when you are on the roof. Just ask us to show you the Certificates of Insurance; we really don’t mind showing you.

“We trusted Mark at CHR to do our storm damage repairs. Mark handled everything from working with the adjuster to getting everything included in the scope of work to the final clean up. Mark was on the scene throughout the project to make sure everything was done just right. He and his team were professional and easy to work with. We have recommended CHR to our friends and neighbors.”

Kim Hickory, NC

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